Celebrity Deaths Prompt Media Feeding Frenzy

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan profiled the media’s coverage of Aaliyah’s death on August 25th and the amount of coverage dedicated to the singer.

Chuck Kleinhans, a Northwestern University associate professor who teaches radio, TV and film told her, “It’s absurd that [National Public Radio] ran two short and one long feature on successive days on Aaliyah. They never paid any attention to her earlier, although she was some eight years into a very successful career.”

Aaliyah’s Brother to Make 1st Statement at VMAs

MTV reveals that Aaliyah’s brother, aspiring filmmaker Rashad Haughton, plans to address the crowd at the ceremony following a tribute to his sister.

This will be the first public statement by the family since her tragic death August 25th.

NY Daily News on Hot97’s Star

David Hinckley talked about the Star suspension following his decision to play an airplane crashing in reference to Aaliyah.

Hinckley says despite the fact that thousands of fans are calling for his termination from the station, he’ll probably stay… and he should.

The article has since been removed.

CDNow Talks with Tyrese

CDNow talked to Tyrese ahead of his 2000 Watts release where he talked of the positive reviews it received saying, “They’re aware of the model, and they’re aware of the MTV VJ, but when they actually hear me sing, [it’s like] ‘Damn. He can actually sing. He’s not just a pretty face or this or that or whatever they think of me’ … Before I was exposed to MTV and modeling, movies, whatever, it was all about the music, and it’s still about the music today.” The site has since shut down.

CNN Talks To Maxwell

CNN interviewed Maxwell following the release of his chart topping album Now. Maxwell admits, “My highest hope is that one day I’ll find the love of my life and one day we’ll have kids and the whole thing, but you know, I’ll have some fun along the way and I’ll take things for what they are.”

NY Post: Aaliyah Shouted At Pilot To Load Up/Get Going

The New York Post is reporting witnesses at the Marsh Harbour airport saw members of Aaliyah’s entourage and the singer herself pressured the plane’s pilot to take off despite his protests.

Owen Gassaway tells the Post “Witnesses say Aaliyah was in a hurry to get back to New York. She and the others were shouting at Morales to load up and get going so they could make connections in Miami to fly on to New York and California.”