Melanie Fiona: I’m A Very Emotional Writer

Melanie Fiona visits Walmart Soundcheck

Melanie Fiona visited Walmart Soundcheck to perform songs from her second album ‘The MF Life’. The live set included ‘This Time’, ‘Give It To Me Right’, ‘Running’, ‘Wrong Side Of A Love Song’, ‘It Kills Me’ and ‘4AM’.

During an interview with the Canadian R&B singer, she talked about the album, wanting it send a message that it’s okay to go thru ups and downs life sends you, how not knowing where your partner is late at night inspired her song ‘4AM’, loving to perform the passionate songs on the disc live, doing a lot of in-studio writing in contrast to her debut, and more.

“I’m a very emotional writer,” Fiona admitted. “I’m not the world class, A-list writer that can get it and write a hit song for myself and others. I have to be in the right mentality and right state of mind and place and environment to be able to really express because I feel that when I write it is like opening up a page in my diary. I have to be in that right mood and setting to be able to do my best work. I find that my creative juices, when they’re flowing, it’s good. I have to strike when the iron is hot and it makes for a better song.”

The live set and interview can be viewed at Check out additional pictures from the appearance after the cut. (more…)

Melanie Fiona Releases ‘The MF Life’

Melanie Fiona sitting on an inflatable chair

Melanie Fiona has released her second studio album ‘The MF Life’ on SRC Records and Universal Republic. The Canadian R&B singer turned to a team of producers on the effort that included No I.D., Espionage, Salaam Remi, Andrea Martin, Rico Love, Los Da Mystro, T-Pain and others.

“The ‘MF’ in the album title represents my initials, but it also gets at the many facets of myself as an artist and a young woman,” Fiona said about the album title. “It can be viewed as the ‘Mighty Fine Life’ in times of triumph and success, but also the ‘Mother-F-ing Life’ when I’m dealing with frustration or misfortune. I celebrate both. I feel it would be dishonest if everything was all about glitz and glamour. It’s about the balance of life, the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, all of that.”

‘The MF Life’ Track Listing:
1. “This Time” Featuring J Cole
2. “4 AM”
3. “Break Down These Walls”
4. “I Been That Girl”
5. “Wrong Side of A Love Song”
6. “Running” Featuring Nas
7. “Change The Record” Featuring B.o.B
8. “Gone And Never Coming Back”
9. “Bones”
10. “Watch Me Work”
11. “Can’t Say I Never Loved You”
12. “L.O.V.E” Featuring John Legend
13. “6 AM” Melanie Fiona & T-Pain – BONUS TRACK

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
14. “Rock Paper Scissors”
15. “Can’t Do This No More”
16. “What Am I to Do”
17. “Like I Love You”

Melanie Fiona 'The MF Life'

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