Patti LaBelle Honored With UNCF’s Award of Excellence

Labelle 'Back To Now'

‘Entertainment Tonight’ correspondent Kevin Frazier was on hand this weekend for the United Negro College Fund’s “An Evening of Stars,” which paid tribute to . Kevin talked with Patti about her outfit and receiving the UNCF’s Award of Excellence for her longtime support of the organization. Former ‘American Idol’ and Oscar winner , her fellow ‘Idol’ Fantasia and Beyonce Knowles performed at the event. Video of the interview at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle Honored With UNCF’s Award of Excellence

  1. Marvin Bradford says:

    Patti is the all time DIVA , she shines every time you see her I just saw her last week here in Houston Patti’s voice is timeless and she never fails to make new friends young and old LOVE When you talk about love you talk about Patti say her name Patti. I wish you much love on long life may GOD continue to bless you as you bless us with your love

  2. Marvin Bradford says:

    Hey I want to give others a chance to say what they feel about Patti but I have been a fan from the early 80’s the first time I saw here was in in Houston “Your Arms Are To Short To Box With GOD” every song she sang people hand to stand and give her love because there is no one like her and at 64 years young I think that’s Patti’s age no Young singer can match her now they have range and voice but what makes Patti is the love that comes from her soul I have followed her from state to state to see her shows and have often had the chance to go up on stage but fear stopped me… but if I’m blessed to see her again I’m going to get up to that stage I can’t sing but I must see Labelle again I did meet her at her book signing and Patti was with Norma Harris- Gordon she was helping Patti and believe me Patti is real she spoke with me I knew one of her background singers Tommi Johnson at the time and she she so down to earth , sometimes I wonder how it was in the house as her son Zuri “you have a great mom so just keep loving her and shout out to Armstead Edwards I no they are no longer together but he is a great business man thanks for all the years , and love to the late Budd Ellison

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