Perez Hilton Tells Chris Brown To Go Fu** Himself caught up with Perez Hilton at Millions of Milk Shakes in West Hollywood on Sunday (February 15), where the gossip blogger was asked to comment on ’s alleged assault of his girlfriend on Grammy eve. “Chris Brown, go fu** yourself,” Perez said to the approval of a bystander. As for , he said, “, I love you, and I hope to see you very soon, and give you a big hug.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Perez Hilton Tells Chris Brown To Go Fu** Himself

  1. kate says:


  2. sarah says:

    Listen to this PEREZ HILTON you go around judging over people you should look at yourself an as far as Chris is concerned keep your opinion to yourself because no one wants to hear it. They are back together so you g f**ck yourself.

  3. iKEEPITREAL says:

    Go screw yourself. y’all always want to kick a man when he’s down. leave him alone. he’s too big to respond to losers like Perez Hilton.#whatalame
    Chris keep ya head up still flames!!!!!
    People may hate you, but you got fans lil bro.#TeamBreezy4life
    As 4 Perez,Rat stacks,And B2gay Member Raz-BEYOOCH with his partner Licky Romance
    plus others haters, Don’t even pay attention 2 ’em.#piecesoftrash
    Do you, God is always forgiving! #KEEPTHEFAITH!!!!!

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