PETA Issues Letter To Beyonce

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ has sent a letter to Destiny’s Child star due to her wearing of fur clothing:

“Dear Beyoncé:

“Your many fans at PETA are saddened that you’ve ignored repeated appeals calling your attention to the way minks, foxes and chinchillas are gassed, strangled and electrocuted on fur farms for your wardrobe,” the animal-rights zealots say in a full-page ad in Billboard magazine Monday – an ad timed to Beyoncé’s sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.”

“Won’t you do the decent, humane thing and stop wearing fur?”

The ad features a gruesome photo of a pet dog named Jasmine, crushed to death by a fur trap.

“Our open letter to her comes after years of sending her polite personal letters, but it could be that someone threw those letters out,” PETA veep Lisa Lange told Lowdown yesterday. “Beyoncé claims to adhere to very strong Christian values. But killing animals, trapping them and bludgeoning them to death are not very Christian acts.”

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