Phone Talks With Tse And Michelle Williams

Contributed by aman28:

I talked to Michelle on last Friday August 30th 2002 on the phone and Friday September 6th I talked to Tse Williams of Nine Lives production September 6th 2002. Well it’s safe to say that the Williams’ sisters are no better
than the man themselves. They’re racist and Uncle Toms. It’s also safe to say that Ms. is paranoid and crazy as hell.

Let it be known I’m Alvin A-Man Payne of Jackson Ms. a radio announcer. I’ve been in the radio business for over 11 years. I made comments at the message board as aman28 (now banned even though I was told I wouldn’t be by Chris the moderater of the board) that they (the williams sister) say started a race war and made Naturi leave the group. Ms. Michelle Williams also stated to me that Epic records was ready to put up 3 million dollars to sue me for my comments on skin tone. Tse Williams stated that I have issues and my freedom of speech has limits.

Fans don’t sign this Naturi petition because you want Naturi back with but so she can
get rid of Ms. Tse Williams, her paranoid sister Michelle Williams and the contract they still have on Naturi. If Naturi goes solo she
still have to answer to Nine lives production and Ms. Michelle Williams. They only hired Naturi for her skin tone and at the time because they thought she was ghetto, hood , street and happy with being dark skinned. Ms. Tse Williams stated that Naturi wasn’t
happy with her dark skin tone and that she no longer wanted to be ghetto but wanted to speak proper english and not broken english. Tse Williams stated to me by note at the message board that Naturi was nothing with out them and if it wasn’t for them she’ll still be singing at the Knights of Columbus (KKK organization). They made Naturi what she was and she wanted to change her image. We all know Adrienne is the best singer of the group. I have no problems with that. The problem I have is that Naturi was only added on due to her skin tone and not her talent. They felt her voice was too mature for the songs picked. Tse Williams even compared her to Whitney Houston.

Good chance Epic records will sue me because of this post. Good chance my radio career is over and I will go to jail over freedom of speech and starting a race war back in July 2002 at the message board. I was shocked by Tse Williams comments. I was shocked that Ms. Michelle Williams stated that Epic records was putting 3 million dollars up to take legal actions against me. It’s sad that you young people will never experience real hip hop or R&B music but no more than images made up by managers and record labels. Sad really that our own people is selling out our youth and culture.

Post this everywhere fans at all the 3LW fan sites and e-groups. Don’t post it at because you will be banned and I don’t want no 3LW fans to get sued because of me. If I go to jail over this than fine. My comments were no more than that my views. If Epic records want to take legal actions because of my views than bring it. 3LW
screwed Naturi over and only hired her because she was dark skinned and at the time ghetto even though Naturi went to a private school and spoke proper english. Fans support 3LW and Naturi but don’t support 3lW Management. Ms. Williams and Tse Williams really need to take a look at themselves real hard. They feel they did nothing wrong
and that Naturi was fake and they made her what she is. I don’t know Naturi or 3LW but after talking with Tse Williams and Ms. Williams I see why Naturi left the group and I feel sorry for Adrienne and Kiely. Thank you.

Admin note: I personally don’t buy this guy’s story… I’ve seen it on some forums though and this was supposedly forwarded to Wendy Williams (according to her message board) so he might be on the air to talk about it.

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