Photo Of Left Eye’s Body In Honduran Newspaper

Tiempo of Honduras has published a photo of the body of singer Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes following her fatal auto crash in the country on Thursday. Lisa is pictured with heavy bruises surrounding her forehead. Obviously, many of you aren’t going to want to see this photo, but it is online here.

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7 thoughts on “Photo Of Left Eye’s Body In Honduran Newspaper

  1. trena gaither says:

    send to me

  2. trena gaither says:

    You are truly blessed, she was an angel of god, Left Eye is missed deeply.

  3. asia says:

    We love you Left Eye you will always be in are hearts Aaliyah, Left Eye, Selena, Lala…..we love you… ain’t it weird how Aaliyah and left died on the 25 of August and April..we love you.. RIP

  4. erykah hendry says:

    She will be truly missed. she held a special place in our hearts. I love and we miss you.

  5. Ms. Diva says:

    I think everything happens for a reason. Only god knows why he took her home. But I’m questioning why would you do a tape. Ed Last days of Left Eye’s. Was it a plan did she plan on killing herself. I’m not understanding. She is the only one that past. Everyone else was okay it sounds. Fishy. God bless this Family.

  6. Helen Henry says:

    RIP Left eye u will be missed

  7. Zakari Lopes says:

    I’m 11 years old I know I’m young but it seems like I’ve met Lisa lopes but I didn’t. My friend told I look just like Lisa but I just kept saying I don’t. My aunt has told me that too but I don’t believe it. But I hope her family knows I care about Lisa and that I love her and them @ Kari Lopes

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