Pink Caught Having Sex On Camera?

Contributed by DANiELLEW514: alleges that Pink was caught having sex with her boyfriend, Carey Hart recently in the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel here in Orlando. They add that their are cameras at the pool there and wonder if the tape could surface.

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5 thoughts on “Pink Caught Having Sex On Camera?

  1. sonya ormerod says:

    She’s so cool!

  2. tammy says:

    I’d have sex with Pink in a pool.. and I’m a straight girl

  3. Kelly Ditsh says:

    You know, I know some people may not like Pink, but even if they don’t like her, she’s a VERY talented girl. Everyone is also talented in their own way, and so is she. So if you got nothing nice to fu**ing say, either keep it to ya self, or don’t say a fu**ing word at all. Sorry about the cussing though. (IT’S THE ONLY FU**ING WAY PEOPLE WILL LISTEN TO ME!!!!) Anyways, PINK ROCKS!

  4. Talli Haynes says:

    Hey Kelly! ha, didn’t know you do this, aha. See you at school later! PINK ROCKS!

  5. Kelly Ditsh says:

    Aha, oh Hey girl! Hope ya like pink! WOO! GO PINK!

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