Pink Gets The Party Started Early With Drunken VMA Win

Pink got the party started a little early at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday. Pink said after accepting an award in the Best Dance Video for ‘Get The Party Started’, “Okay. Hi. I wasn’t expecting this. That’s my entourage. I always wanted to be a rapper. I’m too drunk for this. No, thank you… Hi, Jay how are you doing? Thank you Craig Logan Roger Davey’s, L.A. Reid, so much, I love you so much sticking by me. Hi mom, dad, Jason and thank you to my fans most importantly of all, everybody, everybody, everybody. Because you guys stuck by me and you are open-minded and believe music is freedom and [No audio] I love you. Thank you. Oh, and Dave Myers you should really come up and accept this award because I don’t really make videos, so congratulations to you. Thanks.”

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