Pink Phones Into TRL Tuesday

Pink phoned in to talk about her new video ‘Just Like A Pill’ on MTV’s Total Request Live with Carson Daly on Tuesday. Pink says the new video concept is very dark. She also previewed her new tour beginning soon. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Welcome back to trl. Day 2 in our get the guest quest to convince
brad pith an appearance on trl would be his best since “fight club”, ha-ha,
sorry brad we are all big fans. On the phone our good pal pink. Are you

Pink: Hey, carson!

Carson: Say hi to pink, everybody. What ‘up.


Carson: What ‘up homegirl what are you doin’.

Pink: Is it cold there?

Carson: Freezin’ here.

Pink: Oh,, you guys suck!

Carson: Whererere you?

Pink: I’m in sunny california.

Pink: Ha-ha.

Carson: Why are you guys cheering for her?

Pink: Ha-ha.

Carson: She’s in warm california and we are freezin’ our thuts off here.
You are on the set of your new video i understand, is that correct.

Pink: Yep.

Carson: What you are doing right now are they setting up a shot.

Pink: They are actually waiting for me i’m in a dirty alleyway looking
at a bunch of elephants.

Carson: That’s really disturbing. Tell us about this concept, i hear
it is dark and full of drugs.

Pink: Absolutely. It is dark and no, no full of drugs but it is drugged
out. It is dark art.

Carson: This is quite the departure from the sort of david myers nightclubby
girl gettin’ ready pink vibrant colors –.

Pink: Yeah, that was fun, cartoony for you we are dark.

Carson: Now we are dark.

Pink: This is the morning after.

Carson: Why women are confuse in general. One minute you are colorful
and skateboarding and the next you are dark and druggy


Pink: Yep.

Carson: Are you having fun, is this a fun day shooting this video, seems
you must do this constantly.

Pink: This is fun. This is the first time working with someone other
than dave. I kinda feel like i’m cheating but francis is amazing. I’m excited.
This is the first day and i just got my makeup done.

Carson: What do you look like at you sit there?

Pink: I look like a fwreek, uhm, help me describe myself, you guys.
I look, i look like a vampire freak.

Carson: Who is standing around you right now in that alley.

Pink: My friends laura and matt.

Carson: Can we talk to laura.

Pink: Sure here is is laura.

Carson: I don’t know who the hell laura is


Carson: what happenin’.

Laura: What’s up with you?

Carson: Chillin’. What does pink look like, describe her.

Laura: She’s hot.

Carson: Hey, laura and who exactly are you? Are you –.

Laura: What’s that.

Carson: Are you in the video, a friend or workin’.

Laura: I’m her assistant.

Carson: Right on.

Laura: I’m just holding her cigarettes, ha-ha.

Carson: Laura this is trl


Laura: Oh, geez, sorry they are candies.

Carson: Give the phone back to pink, laura nice chating with you.

Laura: All right, bye.

Pink: Laura are spilled it.

Carson: That was a bad idea i shouldn’t have talked to laura i’m sorry.
I should have gone with matt.

Pink: Ha-ha yeah.

Carson: Can we scroll those dates. It starts may 2nd are we going dark
as far as the look or colorful? I’m confused.

Pink: Probably a bit of both because i’m confused as well but it will
be an

[inaudible] I’ve got an incredible band. We are doing lots of c covers
and lots of nakedness and lots of fun.

Carson: Nice. We look forward to the advance copy of the new video
“just like a pill” good luck with it our best to laura and matt and the
crew and francis as well.

Pink: Later, evebobody. Bundle up.

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