Pink Talks To Stern For 1 Hour

Pink was on the Howard Stern Show Friday morning and spoke with Howard for about an hour. Pink revealed details of her kiss with Christina Aguilera which she’s saying has caused lesbian and bisexual rumors about the pair ever since. She says that she was just playing Spin the Bottle at her 22nd birthday part and it landed on Christina. Pink says that they would’ve used tongue but Christina didn’t want to only because her boyfriend at the time, Jorge Santos, was there.

Pink also revealed that during the 9-11 benefit concert at RFK (What More Can I Give), she and the Backstreet Boys went to the event by train but were on opposite ends of the train. When she tried to get them to sign a guitar that was being auctioned off to benefit families of the terror victims, she only managed to get Kevin and Howie to sign the guitar. Pink was pissed off that AJ McLean, Nick Carter, and Brian Littrell wouldn’t sign the guitar as the groups handlers said they were too tired. Pink shouted that 8,000 people who died that day were sleeping forever. Pink then said she forged their names on the guitar so this may be news to whomever won the ebay auction. Pink and BSB don’t appear to be good friends anymore.

Howard first was talking about how much he loves Pink’s new single ‘Get This Party Started’ and since that and ‘Lady Marmalade’, he thinks she has a reason to be on MTV which he didn’t think prior to that. Howard had thought, ‘Why’s she on so much, what has she done?’

Pink also talked about her boyfriend who’s a freestyle motocross rider named Carey. The guys later figured out it was Carey Hart. Pink said that it takes a long time to get her to put out and didn’t really divulge whether or not she’s had sex with the racer.

A caller phoned in to reveal more birthday party stories as on Pink’s 21st birthday, she was spotted leaving a club in New York puking on the sidewalk and the caller claimed to have taken a photo of the mess. Pink denied that but admitted to throwing up all over the club’s bathroom and having drank 18 bottles of Cristal.

Howard and Robin talked about Pink later in the show and they both complimented Pink for how well she did which is probably why she was on so long. Howard was trying to get Pink to come to his house to babysit his daughter but she had to fly to Detroit but sounded open to it after she returned in mid-December.

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