Post Release Pressure Getting To Jully Black

checked in with fans on her official website on Monday (June 27). She writes, “Hi Everyone, I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting for another entry. Tomorrow will mark one week since my album [‘This Is Me’] dropped and what an emotional time it has been. I totally anticipated me clinking glasses and celebrating lots and lots which did happen on the day…Universal threw me a HUGE release party at C-Lounge that was just amazing. I just all of a sudden got really sad a couple days after. I think also because there’s so much pressure put on the first two days of sales that it saddened me to think that if my album doesn’t meet the ‘Industry’s’ expectations that the wheels would all of a sudden stop turning. See that’s the devil feeding me a bunch of negative thoughts. I know that my word is my wand but here I am in my pajamas at 4:35pm having a bunch of negativity seep outta my pores. I know we’ve already broken down many barriers and I’m committed to work this record for as long as I physically can. To me the release of this album alone is the equivalent to selling 10 million albums because just a year ago I didn’t know what was happening with my career. I’m blessed. Anyway, I have lot’s to say with very little time so I’ll be writing to you in pieces over the next couple of days. I just want to thank the fans for sticking with me for over 10 years. This is me…This is us…together we will change the game. Give Thanks, Jully B.”

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