Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Responds To Underwear Dance Uproar

Spectacular of was on the phone with Kendra G., talking with the radio host about his already infamous YouTube video dancing in his red underwear. “Them little tight man drawers … I bought ’em to show off my cuts [in my stomach],” Spec explained. “I wanted to show off my body. The underwear was for the ladies.” As for those questioning his sexuality after the video, Spec responded, “Everybody knows I’m not gay”, adding that the guys making the questions should be looking at themselves for even clicking on the video. Listen to the interview below.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Responds To Underwear Dance Uproar

  1. Chaina says:

    He should be a stripper (I feel like I need singles) & what kinda “straight” guy would sit through that whole thing?

  2. Charmz says:

    I think….err…..Hes still ugh….Gay. I don’t believe that crap! it seems to all be a cover up for his coming out of the closet trick. So spectacular….i don’t believe it. None of it.

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