Prince William Flips For Beyonce

Pals of Prince William tell the National Examiner his father Prince Charles was right when he told Destiny’s Child star Wills “fancies you.” A source revealed, “It’s true, Wills is crazy about Beyonce. He thinks she’s the hottest creature around. What a shape, and talented too!” The source added that her new video ‘Crazy In Love’ has really turned him on. “He is determined to meet her,” the source said. “Only now, he knows she knows that he’s got a crush – and it’s embarrassing, to say the least. Even so, he’d love to arrange a night out with her and cozy up over a quet, romantic dinner.” The source concluded, “If Wills gets his wish and hooks up with Beyonce, it could work out great for the royals. What could be better for their stuffy image than to add a touch of beauty to the family.”

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