Princeton Explains What Mindless Behavior Means

Mindless Behavior do an interview with Walmart Soundcheck

sat down for an interview with Walmart Soundcheck Risers to talk about their new album ‘#1 Girl’, how they’re just like their fans, how they came up with the group’s name, what their single ‘My Girl’ is about, touring with Justin Bieber, what they like to listen to, and looking up to Michael Jackson.

“When we first joined the group, the four of us just thought that Mindless Behavior meant being mindless and being careless, because a lot of people think that,” group member Princeton explained. “But after they explained the movement to us, it’s just basically being yourself, being who you are, standing up for what you love. Just being confident and loving what you do. So we’re saying we’re being mindless, so the way you dress, the way you act, it’s a lifestyle. We’re just being mindless.”

The interview at has since been removed. Check out more pictures from their interview after the cut.

Mindless Behavior sit down for an interview with Walmart Soundcheck
R&B group Mindless Behavior visit Walmart Soundcheck
Mindless Behavior visit Walmart Soundcheck. Sponsored by Dove.

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3 thoughts on “Princeton Explains What Mindless Behavior Means

  1. sade says:

    why do they have to be so cute

  2. Kierra says:

    They are so hot!!! I <3 Princeton’s quote.

  3. precioius stafford says:

    ilike you Princeton you are so cute and hot ilike you to prodigy you are so sex ilove you princeton and prodigy

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