Private Montell Jordan Opens Up With 5th Album

Hip Online spoke with about how he’s opened up on his personal life with his new self titled album. Jordan said, “I never really wanted to talk about my personal life. I kind of kept it separated. I always talked about parties and going out. But everything external for me is really superficial. Because I experience so much I wanted to show the other side of me. I’ve done four previous albums and still no one knows who Montell really is or what he thinks. What do you really know about me? Am I married? Do I have a child? Am I Christian? Am I a good guy? No one knows. They only know the stuff that I’ve told them. So now on this fifth album I want to be known for more than a song. You say “This Is How We Do It” and people say ‘yeah, I know that song’. So many times people won’t know the name , but you tell them “you know ‘This Is How We Do It'” and they say “oh yeah, I know that”. So I’m known as a song and I don’t want to be known as a song, I want to be know as an artist. And that is what this album is designed to do.”

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