Prodigy Comes To The Rescue Of Mindless Behavior Fan

Prodigy of Mindless Behavior

Prodigy of sat down with Vevo Lift while at a photo shoot to talk about his role in the group. “I’m just the laid back one in the group,” he explained. “Just chill.”

As for what spurred his desire to be part of a musical group, Prodigy revealed, “The first time that I knew I wanted to be a performer is when I was 2 years old watching Michael Jackson videos. Watching all his movies and just watching all of his performances.”

Prodigy says during his off time, “I like to hang out with family. Go to the movies. Go go-kart riding, and just be normal.”

As for what he enjoys most about the career, Prodigy said, “My favorite thing is performing for the fans. The fans are #1. We did an in-store at FYE and this girl jumped over the CD rack, and she rolled over and fell on the floor, so I found myself trying to pick her up so I could make sure she was okay, and then she grabbed and thought, this is my chance, I’m gonna go for it. I didn’t even think she knew that she fell, she was just so excited.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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6 thoughts on “Prodigy Comes To The Rescue Of Mindless Behavior Fan

  1. Abigail Christopher says:

    LOL if I was that girl i would do the same ting but not fall down in front a mb crazy

  2. diamond says:

    do you got a girlfriend

  3. diamond says:

    do you whant to kiss me

  4. Jayscarlet says:

    If i was that gyal i would make sure I kiss you all da way from Kenya that is Africa. Call me maybe

  5. Tajah MCclellan says:

    Thats nice what prodigy did he helped her up.

  6. Jailyn says:

    Ur so fine and sexy lol love

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