R. Kelly: Did He Do It?

is no doubt an extremely talented artist. With the release of 12-play, ’s debut album, it was apparent that this man would have a long music career. Then he hear of these child pornography charges that he faces. Did he do it, and should he be excused?
This is my opinion: I am one of the many people who absolutely loves R. Kelly’s music. The man is a musical genius. But I can not and will not condone his sexual activities with minors.

It seems that because he is this great artist, many people overlook the fact that he slept with little girls. What if one of those little girls happened to be your daughter? Your little sister? Your little cousin, perhaps? Would R. Kelly’s actions be overlooked then?

It seems that with all of these great hits he’s been dropping, many people have forgotten about these charges. In college, I was a broadcasting major. One of the things I did in college was to produce and edit film. I saw the tape. The man on the tape having sex with a female-who appeared to be no more than 14-appeared to be none other than R. Kelly. The tape did not appear to be altered at all.

So what do I think should happen? I hope he is convicted and I hope that he serves time for his actions. We can not sit around and pretend that these child porn charges do not exist. He should be treated like any other child pervert.

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