R. Kelly Explains Sisqo Diss

spoke with MuchMusic prior to his sex with a minor allegations about his beef with that includes a slam on the ‘Hold Up’ track (’20’s on the drop/Blue and yellow rocks/Keke yelling stop/’s album flopped’). explains, “It ain’t really no beef. I just didn’t appreciate how my man got on TV and said he was shutting it down when it came to R&B. I ain’t gonna lie, it triggered me a little bit where I had to speak up on that.”

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2 thoughts on “R. Kelly Explains Sisqo Diss

  1. C says:

    Yo Sisqo, I just got to say that I used to like you but now you are no longer in my heart. You are the gayest guy I have ever seen. I used to be crazy bout Dru Hill. Not Anymore. I like the old Dru Hill w/ you & Jazz, Woody & Nokio, now since ya`ll got someone new again you are not popular anymore. so, just get out of this music business, cause no one’s crazy bout you anymore and I don’t even have your third or fourth Dru Hill CD cause I`m not wasting my $ on ya’ll used to have your two CDs till they got scratched up now they have a new home at the dump and all of your pics tpp. Also, you have really aged you look like a fifty year old man. Geez man. Damn your UGLY. I THOUGHT YOU HAD DIED. OH YEAH STOP PLAYING THAT YOU GOT KIDS, they ain’t yours cause your GAY! :-)

  2. johntay says:

    I know I’m late but to the person who just comment on this above me or bottom of me or whatever this comment gonna be posted at ..but I’m directing this to you ”C” but your comment isn’t worth sh**…at least he still got fans and money..when the last time your ass was on TV..never!!.. I bet you don’t even have a lot of women like him before, so stfu.. Dru Hill for life bitch..but I agree I don’t like Tao either but at least Woody & Scola came back this year and still on tour…so tough luck

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