R. Kelly Indictment Press Conference

A press conference with the Chicago Police Department and Cook County State Attorney just took place. We have a raw transcript of the press conference which announced the charge of 21 counts of child pornography. If convicted of these class 1 felonies he can face up to 15 years in prison. They also said anyone in possession of the tapes are now in possession of child pornography, and that they should dispose of the tapes. Read on for a transcript.

The Cook County State Attorney, Howard, Deputy Superintendent for
the Chicago Police Department, Phil Client, Chief of Detectives Chicago
Police Department and Lieutenant, commanding office of the Special Victims
Unit of the police department and we’re here today to announce the indictment
of Chicago based singer Robert Kelly. The the state will step up here briefly
to discuss the charges in a brief moment.

I would like to provide you a brief overview of this case back in february
the “Chicago Sun-Times” contacted the Chicago Police Department to tell
us of a tape it received of performing sex acts with a minor.
The Sun-Times provided a copy of the tape to us. The Chicago Police Department
immediately launched an investigation to determine who was on the tape
and whether criminal activity was present. And our investigation has been
thorough, it’s been objective and it’s been very professional. And where
we needed assistance, we asked for it. The FBI forensics experts from Quantico
have closely examined the tape. They tell us it’s authentic. Another person
positively identified Mr. Kelly and a young female as participants in these
acts. And we shared our finding with the state’s attorney’s office which
today brought this indictment down. And we know it is unfortunate to see
Mr. Kelly’s talents go to waste, but it becomes a tragedy when behavior
damages the community. Make no mistake, these are very harmful crimes.
The nature of these indictments returned today should also serve to make
parents more vigilant. These acts are serious crimes that involve harmful
acts which degrade our children. Diminishing the integrity of our entire
community. Everyone must be held accountable for their own personal conduct
and that should be the message everyone takes from today’s news. Criminal
conduct no matter who’s involved cannot and will not beleted here in the
city of Chicago. The fact that he is a celebrity is of no importance to
us. The fact that children and communities have been harmed as a result
of his actions is very and extremely important to us. Decency and the law
demand this indictment today. And finally I should also point out that
anyone who is selling this tape, as well as anyone who has purchased it
is now in possession of child pornography. It would be my advice to you
to dispose of these tapes. Now I’d like to hand it over to the state’s
attorney Dick Devine to talk about the indictments.

Thank you superintendent. Good afternoon. Today Robert Kelly commonly
known as rap artist R. Kelly was charged with 21 counts of child pornography.
If convicted of these class 1 felonies he can face up to 15 years in prison.
I want to thank Mark Cavens and Megan Sullivan of our sex crime unit for
the digent work they did in putting this case together. Superintendent
Hillard, Chief of Detectives Phil Client, Harvey Radny and Bob of the Chicago
Police Department for the long hours they spent on this difficult investigation.
The indictment returned by a cook county grand jury this morning charges
that R. Kelly videotaped various sex acts with a minor sometime between
1997 and this past february. The indictment charges that Kelly, 35 years
of age, knew or shoud have known that the girl was born in september of
1984 and therefore was a minor at the time of the sex acts. Kelly is charged
with seven counts of videotaping the sex acts, seven counts of producing
the video an seven counts of soliciting or enticing the girl into having
these illicit acts. We charge that the acts took place in Kelly’s home
the 1,000 block of West George Street in Chicago. These indictments hopefully
will send a message to sexual predators that taking advantage of minors
will not be tolerated and that there are severe penalties. As in all cases,
this defendant is presumed innocent until convicted by evidence which establishes
guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Thank you.

Good morning I’m Phil Client. I want to point out the good work of the
investigators that were assigned to this, Lieutenant Robert, investigator
Dan Everett, investigator Dennis Kettering and investigator Connie and
they worked hand-in-hand with Mark Cavens and Meg Sullivan of the State
Attorney’s Office. This investigation was comprehensive, it involved interviewing
over 50 witnesses and bringing witnesses to the grand jury and they should
be commended for the work they did on this.

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