R. Kelly Is Not Guilty

Contributed Anonymously:

I heard that R.Kelly is being investigated in a lawsuit saying that he had sex with an underage girl a few years back (the girl would be 14 at the time). There is a video of the sex act with the teen and evidence on the video tape to prove that it took place 1999-early 2000. I think it is crap! I am sure that did not have to force himself upon this girl and just because she was 14, doesn’t mean she is innocent and virgin-like. Lets face it, what is a 14 year-old girl doing in a grown mans hotel room. or not.

There trying to smear his name and collect big duckets. Stay Strong R. Kelly and Do your Thang!

Admin note: Well we’ll be following this story as it develops. R. Kelly also was dogged by a similar story regarding the late Aaliyah when she reportedly married him at the age of 15.

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One thought on “R. Kelly Is Not Guilty

  1. deegal says:

    My daughter was around 13 or 14 at the time the video came out, I was totally furious with R. Kelly’s action as a mother of a young teen daughter first and human being second, how in the hell other than all his money and fortune could he been such able to beet such a rap I would like to be the captain of the castration team and take his so-called manhood in a New York minute. Not to mention had it been me my dad and I would’ve have probably been Europe but hiding out for murdering his ass.

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