R. Kelly Mostly ‘Crude, Base And Artless’

Ernest Hardy of LA Weekly shared his thoughts on ’s latest effort and said boldly, “It takes extraordinary hubris, dazzling stupidity or both for an accused pedophile to name a record ‘The Chocolate Factory’.” He explained, “ doesn’t make high art. Even his love songs are fairly conventional: The best ones stand alongside, or nestle just beneath, classic soul tunes from the ’60s or ’70s; the rest are feelin’-on-ya-booty/you-remind-me-of-my-jeep/thug-luv sleaze and drivel. Kelly the songwriter and performer is, more often than not, crude, base and artless. Many of his fans lump all that together and call it ‘sexy.’ That speaks directly to the tenor of our times — the sad and hollow excuses for sexuality, sensuality and artistry that flow through both ‘urban’ and popular cultures. And when Kelly does aspire to something higher, he often makes schlock.” Read more.

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