R. Kelly: When The Gavel Drops

Jennifer Vineyard of MTV News broke down the child pornography case, which will require the prosecution to prove that the tape is authentic (not digitally or otherwise manipulated or distorted), that is indeed the man in it, and that the girl in the video was under the age of 18 when the tape was made. Forensic video analyst Conor McCourt said the tape hasn’t been altered. “It’s pretty evident when someone does a morphing or changing of the videotape,” McCourt said. “You can see it around a person’s head, and it just doesn’t look natural. The person in the foreground wouldn’t have the same lighting or texture, [there would be] a kind of blurred pixilation that doesn’t match. It’d look like it was shot in two different places. But [in this tape], they’re sitting on the furniture, they’re moving around in the room. It appears to me that the objects in the video are [actually] there.” Read more.

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