Rashad Hopes Fans Can Separate Fantasy & Reality

Barrett Hooper of the National Post (Canada) profiled the posthumous film featuring , ‘Queen of the Damned’ where her brother Rashad Haughton explained his hope that fans can deal with her character who plays an undead monster who devours beating hearts and slurps blood. Rashad explained, “But this was a role she wanted to play. I hope people can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.” The article at nationalpost.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Rashad Hopes Fans Can Separate Fantasy & Reality

  1. Monique Haylock says:

    Aaliyah was and always will be one of my favorite artist. I had the honor of meeting her in 1997 at an award show and she was a very humble young lady. Very kind. As an avid fan of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, I thought she did a SUPERB job of playing the character. People may not be aware of this now, but I am sure that many are, that the movie Queen of the Damned will be a CLASSIC film for many generations to come to enjoy. Her legacy will absolutely carry on and this role will be sure to leave its imprint on society for as long as the legendary Hollywood film industry exists. RIP AALIYAH DANA HOUGHTON. I TRULY DO MISS YOU GIRL.

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