Ray J Rebelled Early On Against Brandy’s Positive Image

Sister 2 Sister magazine caught up with for a Q&A and asked the brother of if he thought the entertainment industry has dealt him a fair hand when it comes to judging his musical talent and acting prowess. “Yeah, I do. I think everything that’s been written about my career thus far has done me justice,” he responded. “Right now, I’m focusing on developing talent and having fun with what I do. I really didn’t like the scene back in the day. I was probably too young to appreciate it and I rebelled against Bran and the whole positive image thing. I wanted to flip it, go way left and be raw with my image! I’m a bad boy in a sense. I like to have fun and wild out in the clubs and party with my friends. When all the success happened for Bran, I started hanging out in the streets with the wrong crowd. We grew up in Carson, [CA], which is about three minutes away from Compton. The more succeeded, the more I started hanging with the wrong crowd and doing bad things. I got in mad trouble and ended up having to move out of the neighborhood. I speak about it on my album.” The full story at s2smagazine.com has since been removed.

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