R&B 2005- The Year Of The Ho?

Contributed anonymously:

Think back 10 years ago, Brandy, Aaliyah and Monica were the three young R&B/pop crossover teens. Mary J. Blige was pouring out the contents of her life, Faith Evans was doing her thing. All was… cool, as we said back then. Back then, we could hear the voices in R&B before seeing the naked asses of the singers. And the music, their music was so good. What the hell happened?

It’s 2005 and we have: , the talently challenged. , the vocally challenged one who can lap dance her ass off, Beyonce, Miss mixed-message and Brandy and Monica seem to have retired from putting out albums to takeover.

So is this the year of the ho? Where the bare assed, ass-shaking limited vocalist gets to the top without a second look, huh? Where is the talent? Where’s the fresh new talent? Talent that’s not naked, I mean. Now I hate the word “ho” but if you’re selling yourself for fame and you’re not that talented then what other word is there for you?

I can’t mention Alicia Keys and Mary because they’re too soulful and credible to be put in the same category. I can’t mention Erykah Badu as she’s in the Neo-Soul category.

When is a change going to come? Destiny’s Child are too busy catering to their Soldiers,(See my previous article “Destiny’s Child… Cater to you”) Where is the head turning R&B? Are we sentenced to a year of tune-chasing fly-by-night artists?

This is more of a question than anything else. Can somebody tell me, in R&B, is 2005- The year of the ho?

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