Readers Comment On Aaliyah In Vibe August Issue

Interesting comments from Vibe readers on that were made before her tragic death. Commenting on the article on the singer in the August issue of the magazine, Pooh from Columbus said about ’s sidestepping of the R. Kelly relationship, “I give her props for keeping her “sh**” to herself. There is something very sexy about a mysterious woman”

Ashley of Detroit said of the Aaliyah cover, “I don’t think Aaliyah is worthy of a cover just yet. The first single off her new album is horrible. Plus, she seems so fake.”

In regards to Aaliyah being shown as a cartoon on the cover, Andreana emailed, “I understand it was an illustration issue. But why not do that with a less beautiful star?”

Chrissy from Queens told Vibe, “I was disappointed to learn that Aaliyah might be dating Damon Dash. She can do much better. Seeing him in Jay-Z’s videos, you can tell he has no class.”

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One thought on “Readers Comment On Aaliyah In Vibe August Issue

  1. nykevia jones says:

    Aaliyah meant so so much to everyone,she made a big impact on everybody I never got to meet her but I really wish I did even though I didn’t meet her it is like I lost a sister I was only 4 when she died but I will never forget her because she reminds me of my grandma who just passed away so RIP baby girl 1979-2001 always remembered

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