Reverand Al Sharpton blasts NY Post’s Dreher

The New York Daily News reports Reverand Al Sharpton is suggesting a boycott of the New York Post if the paper doesn’t apologize for Rod Dreher’s column last week criticizing ’s traffic stopping funeral on Friday.

Sharpton tells the Daily News, “It may warrant a continual campaign against the Post. I plan on meeting with music industry [executives] Tuesday.”

At issue was Dreher questioning the need for a funeral that would tie up traffic in New York as he ranted, “Right, so we’re all sad that Aaliyah is dead, and no one begrudges her a proper sendoff. But a traffic-snarling, horse-drawn cortege in honor of a pop singer most people have never heard of? Give us a break.”

Editor of the Post, Col Allan, told the Daily News he’s standing by the column and writer saying, “I stand by Rod Dreher. He had a right to express an opinion.”

Sharpton feels Aaliyah was degraded by the article and asks, “What would make her not worthy of this type of funeral?” Sharpton adds he doesn’t feel anyone in the black community would have shared Dreher’s thoughts on Princess Diana being mourned.

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