Rihanna Popping Chris Brown’s Pimple?

Finalpixx caught as the Barbados beauty appeared to be popping a pimple on the face of her singer boyfriend as the couple relaxed in a jacuzzi in Ocean City, Maryland this weekend. Check out a picture from TMZ.

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4 thoughts on “Rihanna Popping Chris Brown’s Pimple?

  1. Tiffany belt says:

    That is just so cutie they look great together
    they are one good couple
    I hope nothing will break them up

  2. heather brown says:

    You look jacked up.

  3. heather brown says:

    What are you doing Tiffany belt

  4. jazmine says:

    Well….. they’re just a couple….you know what? It’s nasty. There I said it

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