Rihanna Says Chris Brown Had Control And Insecurity Issues


is still talking when it comes to her relationship to Chris Brown and that fateful Grammy-eve night the ‘Crawl’ singer assaulted her.

“There were control issues, insecurity,” Rihanna tells W magazine in regards to Brown. “When people are insecure, they become very controlling and they can get very aggressive and in turn abusive. It doesn’t have to be physical. Like, they would say bad stuff to you to make you feel lesser than them, just so they would have control in the relationship. It takes a big toll on your emotions and on your everyday life. It changes you.”

As for whether Rihanna has been so willing to talk only because she’d like to hurt Chris’ career, she says, “At first, I completely shut down. But now I feel like this happened to me so I could be a voice for young girls who are going through what I went through and don’t know how to talk about it. It’s not about Chris, about hurting him or sabotaging his career. I don’t care about that part of it.”

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