Rihanna Shows Skin, Opens Up About Assault

Lisa DePaulo of GQ magazine spoke with in a Q&A, probing into the assault she was a victim of by the hand of Chris Brown last February, much to the annoyance of her manager. The ‘Umbrella’ singer also posed for some strategically nude pictures, apparently to the displeasure of L.A. Reid.

Asked if she was in shock after the incident, Rihanna responded, “Initially. I would say the first… the first seventy-two hours after I realized, it hit. The entire thing was kind of a daze. I was confused. It was a little weird, but…but then, after, I was getting bored of being in the house and sittin’ around. I called Jay Brown—he’s my A&R—and I was like, ‘I want to get back to the studio. I want to get back’.”

As for the photoshoot, Rihanna confessed, “It’s very sexy, yeah. At one point L.A. Reid came into the shoot, and he was like, ‘Rihanna, put some fu**ing clothes on!'”

Check out the interview and pictures at GQ.com.

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