Rihanna’s Attire Upsets Irish Farmer On ‘We Found Love’ Video Shoot

A farmer in Ireland shut down the shoot for ’s ‘We Found Love’ music video, saying the star’s shoot on his property was getting “inappropriate” because RiRi was too scantily clad.

“There was an arrangement made last week. There was no formal agreement. Rihanna arrived on Monday. I did not prevent her video at all,” DUP Alderman Alan Graham told BBC. “I did not object to her outfit at all, that was an exaggeration. Most of the video took place on a field adjacent to me, which was in a public place. It was when the film crew went further away from the road that I felt things were getting inappropriate and I asked the filming to stop.”

Watch a report from Newsy, featuring footage from the video shoot, where Rihanna was seen smoking, below.

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