RIP Destiny’s Child

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It is evident that now that Beyonce Knowles has experienced the fringe benefits of being a solo star, the other members of Destiny’s Child have been hung out to dry. Their latest album ‘Destiny Fulfilled’, rather than re-instating the trio as a force to be reckoned with, it leaves the public with a sour taste in their mouths for having fallen for them in the first place. Could it be that this is the same group that put out the classic album ‘Survivor’, or better yet, was ‘Survivor’ even that good, or were we all just entranced by this trio at the time? They’ve often been compared to another infamous trio of girls in the R&B industry, for those of you living under a rock, that group would be TLC. TLC though never put out an album during the time that they were around that would compare to the poor quality of ‘Destiny Fulfilled’. It’s true that 3D was not a best-seller, but that is due in part to the fact that one of their members had passed away shortly before and was not featured on more than half of the album. On the other hand, you could lose Kelly or Michelle at any time and you wouldn’t even know the difference, because Destiny’s Child in essence is Beyonce and her backup singers. A girl group that promised so much from the beginning, which quickly became engulfed in the drama of the entertainment industry is now defunct. Everyone pay their respects.

Destiny’s Child RIP.

Written By: SxyLatinThug 2/4/05

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