RIP Murder Inc.

Contributed anonymously:

Let’ get passed the crap and get to the facts. Ja Rule’s latest album is and will always be known as a flop. It’s not even in the top 100 as I’m writing this. Concrete Rose is now in the 40’s. With only having been out not quite 2 months, this (even with a single platinum stat) is deemed a failure.

While 01 and 02 the charts were dominated by Ja and countless songs with singing the hook, 3 topped the chart at once even. We cannot live in the past to look for a future in our music industry.

Pointing out who or what ran things 3-4 years ago is meaningless. That would be like me saying that the New Kids on The Block were the best group ever, since they dominated from 88-92. Please. The fact remains that music and styles change even in a month, let alone in 4 years. I can remember 97-99 and Cash Money and No Limit ruled the Rap/hip-hop charts. I can remember 93-97 and Death Row was everywhere. Dominating with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and (my all-time favorite) Tupac Shakur.

Let’s be real. We have all known that Ashanti was a studio singer, not a dancer (even though her mother insists she is), the songs she’s written were simple, nothing extraordinary. On the real tip, J.Lo could sing them, that says enough by it’s self (sorry for the j-lo fans, but even they know Jennifer Lopez hasn’t got the best voice but she’s an entertainer).

It’s sad that people can think of a song from one of these artists and want to keep that feeling so they assume that this label will be around forever.

The most promising artists the Inc had, they failed. They rammed Ja and Ashanti down our throats, tried to make out to be the next coming for the ladies, and let Vita go, shelved Charlie’s album, haven’t heard anything from Cadillac Tah.

Sadly the fans of the INC. just can’t accept reality. The label is dead, with or without Irv Gotti.

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