RnB Is Just As Commercial As Pop

When I read replies to my article about I thought about them and the fact remains that no matter how talented is, or how nice is. RnB is just as commercial as pop.

Take this site for example, we write our opinions on artists who have a high commercial value, artists who do endorsement deals and artists who are always on TV, but the real artists are ignored.

You can find tons of articles on Ashanti and , but you won’t find people trashing Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige or TLC. Why? Because we have respect for real music, like Soul, Jazz. RnB used to be a type of music which had credility but now it’s so glossy that it’s become monotonous and every song’s the same.

I may be contradicting myself because there are some RnB artists who I listen to but so do you. We’ve all bought into the new cheaper version of RnB where the charts are topped by people like Lumidee.

Where’s the love for the real artists who make RnB like it used to be? It’s understated because people are too busy listening to weak rhymes and poor vocals.

So at the end of the day don’t judge the artist and don’t judge what I write because RnB is just as commercial as pop.

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