Roc Royal Loves The Energy Fans Feed To Mindless Behavior

Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior

Roc Royal of sat down with Vevo Lift while at a photo shoot to talk about having just shot a new music video for ‘Girls Talkin Bout’. “Dave Scott is amazing. He’s an amazing choreographer,” Roc Royal said about the man behind their moves. “He pushes us until we get it (perfect).”

As for his own dance style, he said, “I like to vibe a lot. I come with a swag.”

Roc Royal said his favorite thing about performing is the fans. “They’re so amazing. The energy they feed to us we feed it back to them,” he offered.

Roc Royal concluded by saying, “The best thing about being in Mindless Behavior is my three brothers. They keep me moving. They’re fun.”

Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

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4 thoughts on “Roc Royal Loves The Energy Fans Feed To Mindless Behavior

  1. Tamika says:

    OMG Roc Royal I So Love You
    Your So Cute ;) (xoxo)

  2. keshawnna says:

    Omg prodigy you are cute what is your number I am your #1 fan

  3. imani shelton says:

    Roc Royal, you are a really good dancer, keep it up and I’ve seen a video of mindless behavior my girl and a video of girls talkin bout me, and you guys all together show them out there that they don’t know what they are missing. Remember, no one’s perfect, and tell Princeton, prodigy, and ray ray to keep up the good work, and stay cool, and be swag

  4. shania talley says:


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