Ruben Studdard Readies New Album For August Release

Something strange has happened to since he won the second ‘American Idol’. “I had an album that came out in 2004 that is almost about to go platinum, my first album went double platinum, I had a #1 single on Christian radio for a long time, and everywhere I went people were asking me where I was,” Studdard told MTV News from his home in Birmingham, Alabama. “I was like, ‘Have you not seen my video on BET or MTV?’ Like, my video was on heavy rotation on both stations, and everybody just kept asking me, ‘Where are you?’ So I thought maybe I just need to name this album something that will catch their attention.” Hence his forthcoming album ‘The Return of the Velvet Teddy Bear’, a reference to Studdard’s ‘Idol’ nickname, given to him by guest judge Gladys Knight. Read more.

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