Russ Parr Claims Usher Has Admitted Being Bisexual… April Fool’s

The Russ Parr Morning show announced on their April Fool’s Day show on Friday (April 1) that has recently come out of the closet as being bisexual. They had a roundtable discussion on the issue and take caller feed back. The segment at has since been removed (ie. the site has shut down). Based on the uploaded audio, it’s not certain whether the show admitted it was an April Fool’s Day joke or not. The show stated as their evidence a posting on ’s official website, but there’s no reference to the statement on the news section of

Update: Russ Parr issued a statement to about their April Fool’s Day prank which apparently was recorded and put on the web with the “April Fool’s” disclaimer removed. Parr said, “I am a big fan of Usher and his work. In my opinion, his talent supersedes anything in his personal life including his sexuality; either way I do not believe that he is gay or bi-sexual. I stated several times on the show that day that it was all an April Fools’ joke.”

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