Ryan Leslie’s Happy Mother’s Day Song ‘Mother’

Ryan Leslie

In celebration of Mother’s Day, composed the track ‘Mother’, posting a performance on his YouTube channel. He writes, “No real song structure – just a free-form expression. A virtual card for my Mother:.” The video can be viewed via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Ryan Leslie’s Happy Mother’s Day Song ‘Mother’

  1. Phyllis Andrews says:

    You stole this song from Patrick Andrews and I think everyone should know this

  2. Phyllis Andrews says:

    My son Patrick Andrews wrote this song for me, his mother.Phyllis Andrews and the video pictures were supposed to be of Patrick and his mother. Please publish the true video and who wrote and composed this song.

  3. - says:

    Haha he didn’t stole the music he did this all by him self
    you suck to say that.

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