Samantha Mumba Debuts ‘I’m Right Here’ On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to debut her new video ‘I’m Right Here’ and speak with Carson Daly. Samantha talked about filming the video with Cris Judd and said she still would like to primarily be considered a musician rather than an actress. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Say hi to Samantha Mumba, everybody!


Carson: How are ya Samantha Mumba is here all the way from Dublin, Ireland.
The last time


Carson: I should mention you did, came in from Ireland how was your

Samantha: Fine. Lovely. Lovely. Hey

Carson: How are things there, everything good.

Samantha: Really good, really good.

Carson: When there you chill out not an actress or superstar.

Samantha: I’m at home, yeah.

Carson: Last year you were in the time machine, actress samantha today
here to talk about your new record.

Samantha: My new video.

Carson: Which would you like to have more emphasis on when we think
of you, acting or music?

Samantha: Uhm, music. Because I’ve only done one film and singin’ all
my life so I wouldn’t even call myself an actress yet.

Carson: Tell me about this the video we are about to see.

Samantha: It’s called “I’m right here” my new song it’s like a fun video
me and a bunch of girls having fun, we play firefighters.

Carson: I love girls playin’ firefighters. Right, fellas?


Samantha: It’s a girls song.

Carson: Girls dressed up like firefighters anyway lookin’ for the perfect
guy; right.

Samantha: All about the perfect guy a real girls anthem.

Carson: Who the guy in the video.

Samantha: Cris judd.

Carson: You know who he is right.

Samantha: He’s lovely.

Carson: Formerly with J-lo and we love Cris I’m a good friend. When
did you shoot this before or after?

Samantha: Uhm, after. We only shot it like about 3 and a half weeks
ago or something.

Carson: His demeanor was what on the set, can you tell us.

Samantha: He’s a lovely guy, an absolutely sweetheart. We had fun, he’s

Carson: And you have him playin’ the perfect guy here the record is
out the 28th it is different from “Gotta Tell You” a lot more up-tempo
from the tracks I have heard.

Samantha: It is just a fun album. I was 15 and a half when I started
diagnose my first album kind of going o 20 now –.

Carson: Kind of.

Samantha: Yeah


Carson: Anything you want to tell us, we’ll world premiere it.

Samantha: No. ‘Hope you enjoy it.

Carson: Here is samantha mumba with her world premiere on trl


Carson: There you go fun with the fire hose world premiere from samantha
mumba “I’m right here” that looked like a lot of fun to do.

Samantha: So much much fun.

Carson: I’m sure there will be a lot more fires from now on. Will you
be in the states for a while?

Samantha: I’m going to L.A. Today for a couple days then back home because
it’s been released at home, too. I’m going everywhere.

Carson: Thanks for makin’ time for us.

Samantha: Thank you so much.

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