Shontelle Discusses Rihanna Comparisons, Caribbean Influence On ‘Shontelligence’

Shontelle 'Shontelligence'

spoke with about her debut album ‘Shontelligence’, growing up in Barbados with Rihanna and making her do push-ups during her drill sargeant days, doing a couple songs with RiRi, and being amazed by Rihanna’s success.

“It’s already happening,” Shontelle said about the Rihanna comparisons. “People are gonna do it because we’re both from Barbados and there’s not many artists from Barbados. People are already asking questions and making comparisons but we kind of expect it.”

Shontelle said her Caribbean influenced her album “in a lot of ways. When you listen to the songs on ‘Shontelligence’, you realize that some of them have a reggae kind of feel to them, some of them are actually straight up reggae tracks, and then some of them are fusions of reggae and pop, but for the most part it’s a pop album.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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