Shontelle Still Going Strong In 2011


celebrated the New Year on January 3rd posting the following message to fans on her Tumblr:

Pray everyday that I can continue on this journey with you. You are the reason I can fly high. You give me life! We’ve made it through a 2010 of ups and downs (more downs than it felt like we could handle) but here we are in 2011 and still going strong. Let us not allow these things to make us forget all the wonderful times we had and the beautiful things we’ve seen. Let us remember that even in the worst of times, even when it seems we have nothing left… we have each other. You have me… Sometimes it’s ok to burn up in ashes and let there be a rebirth… a renewal… rise up like a Pheonix and fly! Bigger, better, stronger… more beautiful… I’ve done a lot of reflecting on this past year and after riding this rollercoaster I’m ready to build my own amusement park. Looking forward to seeing you inside!

Love always, Shontelle


Happy New Year

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