Shontelle ‘T Shirt’ Video

Shontelle 'Shontelligence'

Layne is out with the video to her new single ‘T Shirt’, off the Saint James, Barbados R&B singer’s debut album ‘Shontelligence’, out soon on Motown Records. Watch it below.

Shontelle 'T Shirt' cover art

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9 thoughts on “Shontelle ‘T Shirt’ Video

  1. filthyman says:

    Shontelle got it all. looks talent and swagger. She got some crazy videos on her site.

  2. janelle says:

    She’s so pretty! I love this video so much! Glad its finally out

  3. M-Lady says:

    I love Shontelle…she makes Rihanna look faded. Her song T-Shirt is now available on iTunes so check it out!

  4. rnbdirt says:

    I see the IP of the person bombing their repped artists with comments using different posting names (ie. Shontelle and Laze & Royal)… Any beyond the first are getting deleted, so please stop it.

  5. Jason says:

    She’s fine! And she can sing…wifey material! Check out her

  6. anthony says:

    I went to one of her shows last week. It really surprised me. My girlfriend made me go but it turned out to be really good. Here is some footage of that show if anyone is interested.

  7. Holly says:

    She is the so good she has that deadly voice

  8. phoebe j says:

    I love this song.. this is the song that reminds me of my boo… I LOVE YOU DARON HUFF>>> FROM YOUR BABY PHOEBE

  9. megzii natalie says:

    Great song love it lots 5 star always

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