‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discusses Chris Brown’s Alleged Beating Of Rihanna

Brooke Anderson discussed ’s arrest and ’s last minute cancelation at the Grammys with Ken Baker of E! and celebrity journalist Katrina Szish. “I just think right now, there is a lot of people asking a lot of questions and – you know, is in a whole heap of trouble,” Baker said. “He’s got a legal problem. He’s got a professional problem. He’s got a personal problem. And you know, frankly, he’s got a PR problem at this point, too.”

Szish added that “when you do hear the news of something like this happening, it really makes everybody’s jaw drop, as I’m sure, of course, you know, the organizers were, as Ken had mentioned. But even for us just watching and hearing more about it the next day, it is hard to imagine this reality.” Video of the segment, aired Monday (February 9), has since been removed at Turner.com.

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