‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discusses Rihanna’s Possible Return To The Stage

Brooke Anderson and her guests Arthel Neville and Lisa Bloom discussed reports that is working on new songs and possibly a new tour on ‘Showbiz Tonight’ on Friday (April 24).

Asked about whether it’s the right time for Rihanna to be making a comeback, Bloom responded, “I think she never should have been missing from the public stage. She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s not accused of any bad behavior. I’m concerned she’s been missing for so long. Is it because she had bruises that had to heal? I mean, was it that bad? Or is it because she felt that there was some shame associated with being a victim? I think her absence sent a terrible message. And I’m glad to see her back.”

Neville agreed, saying it could be good for the star to return to the stage. “I want Rihanna to regain her confidence, and going back on the stage is going to do exactly that,” she explained. “She’s gorgeous. She’s going to get that instant reaction from her fans.” The interview video at Turner.com has since been removed.

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