Silence Is Deafening In Reaction To Chris Brown’s Alleged Assault

Chris Brown in sagging jeans

National political consultant and commentator Jehmu Greene is weighing in on the uproar over the recent New York Post political cartoon in the African American community while there’s been relative silence and excuse making about ’s alleged assault of his girlfriend . Green writes:

A political cartoon is misinterpreted and African American organizations and their talking heads immediately see an opportunity to make noise. Meanwhile, a famous black woman is beat down by her equally famous black boyfriend and commentary in the black community centers around, “What did she do to cause it?” Why are some African Americans so cowardly when it comes to addressing black-on-black violence? There is no end to the activists’ displays of outrage when racism is perceived. Yet, the silence is deafening, drowned out only by the hypocrisy and ignorance when the perpetrator is black.

Rupert Murdoch may be public enemy number one for the progressive community, but he and his posse at the New York Post are not sanctioning the abuse and killing of black women. The beating Rihanna experienced at the hands of Chris Brown was tragic, but definitely not uncommon.

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