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caught up with fans in an online chat at, where he was asked what made him take a break from the music between in 2001 – 2007. “I didn’t take a break,” he insisted. “[I] couldn’t release any music contractually for 2 years, after the last Dru Hill album.” As for his favorite food… “Chicken! its true! hahahha – who don’t like chicken! I mean common’ and watermelon!” also talked about Sweden (he was in Stockholm during the chat), his new album ‘Last Dragon’, and much more. The transcript has since been removed.

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13 thoughts on “Sisqo Online Chat At

  1. Yasmine says:

    How old are you? What’s your favorite video game for PS3?

  2. Yasmine says:

    What kind of chicken you like or food besides chicken?

  3. Yasmine says:

    Do you want to go around the world or have already?

  4. Yasmine says:

    Do you like Mya?

  5. Yasmine says:

    What’s your name (real)?

  6. Yasmine says:

    Would you like me?

  7. rnbdirt says:

    Yasmine, go to Sisqo’s MySpace to send him comments… this is an old story about a chat that already happened.

  8. Yasmine says:

    Do you need a MySpace PLEASE ANSWER?

  9. rnbdirt says:

    this is his myspace:

    sign up an account at and then you can send him messages clicking the message button.

  10. Yasmine says:

    Yo why he never be on here?

  11. Yasmine says:

    Do he have any more chatting website? PLEASE ANSWER

  12. candy says:

    Hey Sisqo I love you I even had a dream bout you I want you so.

  13. capricea moore says:

    What is your favorite color? Are you married?

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