Skull Fracture Was Cause Of Lopes’ Death

La Prensa spoke with Rolando Martinez, the doctor that practiced the autopsy on ’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes following her death in Honduras on Thursday. Martinez said a skull fracture was the reason behind her death.

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2 thoughts on “Skull Fracture Was Cause Of Lopes’ Death

  1. kelly says:

    They have said her head injury and neck injury killed her.

    I have watched and watched her last days in her Doc. so many times that I have a very STRONG feeling that girl is NOT dead.. something tells me and I listen well.
    There is NOT enough proof of her death to show anybody she’s dead.. she is living where she wanted to live and is alive.. bet my last nickel on it too!

  2. Khloe Scott says:

    Left Eye sadly and unfortunately is most definitely dead! I’ve seen both her funeral pics, and the pic of her right after the fatal accident. She is no longer on this earth. Like she said, ” The day I learned you were gone, a new star was born.” in her song” A New Star Was Born”. I most definitely agree with that. It was her time, we all have ours. Hers just happened to come more quickly then we would’ve liked. I was and ALWAYS WILL BE her number one fan! My heart goes out to the Lopes family. May she sleep well!

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