Solange Knowles Booed At Q93 Teen Summit

peachtree124 writes on the Wendy Williams message board that got a nasty reception by a New Orleans audience, causing her sister Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child to step up to her defense. “Every year for ten years Q93 the radio station in New Orleans gives a teen summit,” peachtree124 said. “The have guest speakers as well as famous performers as well as local acts. Well when Solange started singing it is obvious she could not sing and everyone started booing. At the end she hollars out God bless the haters. Then Beyonce get on the stage talking about ‘I thought this suppose to be about positivity. If anyone of yall think y’all can do better than you get on this stage and sing!’ People were still booing. How I know because I was there and I was booing also. That girl sounded so bad. She had on this Daisy Dukes and an awful shirt. She looked a hot mess. Kelly came on the stage with Beyonce but she did not say anything. She had this smirk on her face to me.”

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One thought on “Solange Knowles Booed At Q93 Teen Summit

  1. Dionne says:

    I remember this! I’m from New Orleans and I went to this Teen Summit. I agree with the original post. Solange did do bad. I mean, she took to the stage performing “pop” like music right after rap and hip-hop artists. The crowd was not into her style of music at all. I didn’t boo her, but I did feel really sorry for her. I saw her sitting on the stairs next to the stage crying with her head down until Beyonce, in her distracting green dress and big hair, came to her defense. At the time, Beyonce wasn’t as famous as she is today [2009], so no one really cared what she had to say.

    Solange should have never given up. It doesn’t matter if you get booed. She had a show to do and she should have gone through with it, no matter how many people want you to stop.

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