Solange Knowles Goes For ’80s And ’90s Vibe On New Album

was on hand or the Los Angeles launch of the new Range Rover Evoque at Cecconis Restaurant on Tuesday (November 16). Solange talked about getting one of the new Evoques, the color she’ll choose, other cars she’s owned, being a fan of the Range Rover brand, her style secrets, working on a new album, doing DJ gigs, and more. “It’s sort of an ’80s and ’90s vibe,” Solange said of the new CD. “I was really inspired by some of the ’80s Chaka Khan and even Prince and Michael and also some of those fun ’90s james. A lot of Destiny’s Child actually. SWV, Ghost [Town] DJ’s, that’s just my vibe. It’s like really fun, easy music and it’s been a really really great interesting process making it.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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